Chucky Kim is a Los Angeles-based music producer, mixing engineer, and bassist. Spanning genres, his unique production process incorporates unique generative environments to aid artists in exploring out-of-the-box creative experiences. He is currently Artistic Director of CultureHub Studios (Los Angeles), a creative center that explores the convergence of art + technology, while also serving as an Advisor/Producer to BiotaBeats, an initiative of the MIT Media Lab and EMW (Boston). As a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he has written extensively on community studies, the nature of creativity, and ethical formation. His most recent productions "Great Sinners EP" (HC Smith) and "Ukulele Days" (Cynthia Lin) gained first round Grammy nominations (Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance) and Billboard #8 (World Albums) + #15 (Jazz Albums) respectively.


If you'd like to discuss your project, you can reach Chucky at: